Farmers Market Asia



E tractor

The Climate Company Ltd finds and develops solutions for greenhouse gas emissions based on scientific and technical research and provides technical assistance to the public and private City Authorities. In collaboration with Cassetex, they have invested in the pioneer flagship e tractor project of Farmers Market Asia which is expected to be launched by the end of this year.


Farm Management

City dwellers with extensive agricultural land holdings and water bodies in the countryside often struggle to make good use of their vast properties due to various personal and professional commitments, lack of skilled resources and technical know-how, pilferage and a range of issues. Farmers Market Asia is here to assist farmland owners to transform their agricultural dreams into a reality!


Semi intensive shrimp farming graduation

Bagda cultivation has played a crucial role in changing the fortune of thousands of aqua farmers across the nation's coastal belt. With semi intensive farming technology, bagda cultivation has become more profitable in addition to ensuring sustainability. Farmers Market Asia finances and provides technological solutions with advisory services with the assistance of Bangladesh Shrimp Foundation (BSFF) aiming to harvest higher yields per acre, earn higher revenue.


Use of Digital Tools

Farmers Market Asia installed sensors in 108 shrimp ponds on a subscription basis in Noakhali, Bangladesh. The clients receive real-time information about salinity, PH level, water temperature, depth of water, alkalinity and oxygen level from each of these ponds which help them to manage their shrimp yields, take corrective action when one of these water parameters deviate, and use digital tools in their in-house e traceability platform.

  • Data-driven decision making in agriculture is crucial for farmers and farm owners.
  • The international buyers from the EU are happy to pay premium prices to Globe Group due to their participation in the traceability network.