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Control pests without pesticide in your crop field, organically

Post Published on 19th September 2022

An estimated 2.2 million people globally are at great risk of exposure to agricultural pesticides, with the majority of this population located in developing nations.

Pesticides can enter the human body through inhalation, ingestion, or by dermal penetration through the skin, through broken and leaking equipment. Majority of the average citizens inadvertently consume pesticides through consumption of pesticide contaminated food.

Pesticides also come with a far more detrimental impact where it ends up killing the necessary microbes and insects which would have otherwise boosted agricultural production.

Besides, increased use of pesticide is an expensive affair which could have been otherwise replaced with other techniques in many instances. Some of these prescribed techniques by Bangladesh Rice Research Institute that can be used for rice production are stated below.

  • Insect name: Hydrellia Sasaki, Rice case worm, Brown Plant Hopper, White back planthopper.
    Control Mechanism: Draining out the water from the rice field.

  • Insect name: Ear cutting caterpillar, bed bug & other insects hiding in the field.
    Control Mechanism: Watering the land.

  • Insect name: Stem borer, cotton leafworm, stripped cotton leafworm
    Control Mechanism: Burning the emptied paddy.

  • Any insects attracted to lightą„¤
    Control Mechanism: Using light traps.

  • Insect Name : Rice Hispa
    Control Mechanism: Using a hand web, cutting the top of the affected leaf.

  • Insect Name : Rice Thrips.
    Control Mechanism: Using an additional amount of Urea.

*Besides, placing branches in the field reduces the chance of insects and pest infestation.