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Demand for premium Poultry Product and Investment Post

Published on 22nd September 2022

Demand for premium poultry products is witnessing an exponential growth in Bangladesh which explains why poultry farming is amongst the most profitable businesses today in Bangladesh. Poultry is the fastest-growing division in the agricultural sector.

Local as well as foreign fast-food chains and high-end restaurants have boomed across the country especially in Dhaka and there is an increasing demand for premium poultry products for catering to food safety and health-conscious consumers. Quality control and food safety regulations has become an integral issue with surging demand. These days, people don't just demand delicious fried chicken but rather they demand “delicious healthily grown fried chickens”.

In response, the restaurants are now focusing on procuring chickens raised in farms with good breeding practices. Because an established truth nowadays is that the quality conscious premium restaurants and fast-food chains are increasingly sourcing chickens from healthy farms which indicates extensive room for growth of poultry industry in general.

How do you exactly know whether the farms practice good poultry practices for rearing chickens or not? The answer to that question lies in the Blockchain technology. With Shari'a compliant financing modules, FarmersMarket.Asia is involved in close monitoring of the poultry farms via Blockchain and e traceability technology.

So are you looking forward to securing your poultry supply chain for your restaurant or retail chicken business along with adding value? Ping us if you are interested in exclusively procuring your poultry needs from an agri tech backed poultry farm!

Here are details of our inventory:

Broiler Chicken: 2,700 (+-) approximately

Sonali Chicken: 2,200 (+-) approximately

Expected Delivery Time for Sonali: 25th October - 31st October

Expected Delivery Time for Broiler: 5th November - 10th November

Price: Competitive Prices based on quality